Best Places to Shop for Hong Kong-inspired Gifts

Best Places to Shop for Hong Kong-inspired Gifts

Whether you're searching for traditional handicrafts, trendy fashion, or quirky souvenirs, these are some of the places that represent the best of what Hong Kong has to offer in terms of unique gifts and treasures. 
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Hong Kong is a vibrant tapestry of culture, tradition, and modernity, offering an array of unique gifts and souvenirs that capture the essence of this dynamic city. Whether you're searching for traditional handicrafts, quirky trinkets, contemporary treasures or classic Hong Kong souvenirs there is something to suit every taste here!

1. Upper Lascar Row (also known as Cat Street)

Cat Street, officially known as Upper Lascar Row, is a treasure trove of antique shops and curio stalls located in the heart of Sheung Wan. Explore the narrow alleyways lined with eclectic shops selling vintage collectibles, antique furniture, and nostalgic memorabilia. From old Chinese pottery to retro posters, Cat Street offers a glimpse into Hong Kong's rich history and cultural heritage.

2. The Jade Market

The Jade Market in Hong Kong, located in Yau Ma Tei, is a hub for jade enthusiasts. Established in the 1970s, it offers a wide array of jade products, including jewellery, ornaments, and sculptures. Look for pieces that are translucent with no discolouration and remember bargaining is expected!

3. Goods of Desire (G.O.D.)

Goods of Desire, or G.O.D., is a renowned lifestyle brand that celebrates Hong Kong's unique identity and heritage. With multiple locations across the city, including it's flagship stores in Central, another in Sai Kung and HKIA, G.O.D. offers a curated selection of home décor, apparel, and accessories inspired by local culture and nostalgia. From vintage-inspired posters to contemporary homeware, G.O.D. captures the spirit of Hong Kong in every product.

4. Bookazine:

Bookazine is a beloved independent bookstore chain that caters to book lovers of all ages. With several branches scattered throughout Hong Kong, including locations in Central, Repulse Bay and Discovery Bay, Bookazine offers an extensive selection of books, magazines, and stationery items and gifts. Whether you're searching for the latest bestseller or a unique Hong Kong-themed coffee table book, Bookazine has something to satisfy every literary craving.

5. Central Market:

Located in the heart of Central, the Central Market is a historic landmark that has been transformed into a cool shopping destination. Browse through the stalls and shops housed within the beautifully restored heritage building, where you'll find an eclectic mix of artisanal crafts, fashion accessories, and gourmet delights. Explore the bustling market halls and uncover hidden treasures at every turn.

6. The Street Markets (Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market):

Nestled amongst the busy streets of Mong Kok are two of the most well known street markets, the Ladies Market and Temple Street Market. Go for the atmosphere, sights, sounds and smells! Both are bustling bazaars brimming with everything from fashion accessories and clothing to electronics and souvenirs. It's a real experience to wander through the endless rows of stalls. If you do want to buy, remember to haggle! Expect to start by halving the price asked then likely end up paying at least 25-30% less than the initial price quoted!

7. Chinese Arts & Crafts


Chinese Arts & Crafts is found in Wan Chai, Pacific Place in Admiralty and Des Voeux Road. This over 60 year old business is a premier supplier of quality traditional Chinese fashion and high end jewellery. 

8. Sindart

Miru Wong is the third-generation owner to run Sindart, a small store founded in 1958 that sells traditional embroidered Chinese footwear. These silk-brocade slippers were popular amongst ladies of the upper and middle class, who wore them inside their homes.

Shop 16-17, 1/F, Bowring Commercial Centre, 150-164 Woo Sung Street, Jordan

9. Sum Ngai Brass Factory

For a great selection of brass ornaments, lovely ceramics pieces (think ginger jars, storage jars, ceramic stools, candle holders etc), small decorative items and furniture a trip into the New Territories to the Sum Ngai Brass Factory is great. They also take custom orders so worth going along to see what you might like and chatting to them about what else they can do for you!

195-B Kam Sheung Road, Kam Tin, New Territories

10. Stanley Market:

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and venture to the Southside and Stanley Market, a charming seaside enclave on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. Set against a backdrop of stunning ocean views, Stanley Market is renowned for its eclectic mix of stalls selling everything from clothing and jewellery to artwork and souvenirs. Explore the winding streets lined with shops and eateries, and soak up the laid-back vibe of this quaint coastal village.

11. Yuen Kut Lam Tea - Jervois Street

Guide to Sheung Wan

The oldest  shop in Sheung Wan is definitely worth popping into. They sell a little box of tea which is, in effect, a kind of ready-to-drink traditional Chinese medicine. The tea is made by blending 28 kinds of herbs, with its recipe remaining unchanged for centuries. I drink it every day and it is said to even be able to cure the plague.... just as well then really! Will keep drinking it religiously! The packaging is absolutely stunning- some people buy it only for that!

12. Shanghai Tang
Shanghai Tang is a luxury fashion brand renowned for its modern interpretation of Chinese aesthetics. Founded in 1994, it blends traditional Chinese craftsmanship with contemporary design. The flagship store in Central, Hong Kong, offers a range of clothing, accessories, and home decor reflecting vibrant colours and rich textures.


13. The Lion Rock Press:

Last but certainly not least, no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to us at The Lion Rock Press. In case you didn't know we specialise in beautifully designed stationery, gifts, and homeware inspired by the unique culture and heritage of Hong Kong. We offer a curated collection of products that celebrate the city's iconic landmarks and symbols. From quirky greeting cards to jigsaw puzzles, postcards to art prints, mugs and more, The Lion Rock Press is the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind gift that captures the spirit of Hong Kong.

Grab your wallet and embark on a shopping adventure through the streets of Hong Kong—you never know what hidden gems you might discover along the way!

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