Meet the Talent, Jennifer Robertson

Meet the Talent, Jennifer Robertson

Photographer Jennifer Robertson captures images of Hong Kong that highlight the intricate details that define the city's unique character.

We now have a number of talented artists, illustrators and designers whose prints and photography we sell at The Lion Rock Press. It's time to introduce you to some of the people behind the art! Jennifer Robertson is sharing a bit more about herself and the inspiration behind her photography.

About You

I'm Jennifer, known as @viewthroughjenslens on social media. I'm all about the stories behind, well, pretty much everything! Whether it's the backstory of a product, the traditions we cherish, the cosy nooks of people's homes, or the colourful characters I meet on my travels. Whatever it might be I love getting below the surface and finding out more.

For ten years I told the story of Scamp - the business my sister and I created and ran until 2020. I designed products, styled images, connected with customers, wrote words and shared honest tales of studio life, the highs and lows of small business ownership, the passion needed to keep it going and the inspiration behind it all.

Over the last three years, I've been leading the marketing efforts at The Lion Rock Press, cooking up all sorts of content, being photographer and videographer and sharing sharing stories infused with the vibrant essence of Hong Kong—the heartbeat of our product inspiration. It's been a whirlwind of creative energy and excitement as we've showcased our products with a special local touch.

Your Inspiration  

I have a real passion for street photography and capturing the intricate details of everyday scenes in Hong Kong through images and film. My work showcases everything from the city's vibrant markets to colourful festival lanterns, charming shutters and traditional letterboxes to the unique sight of bamboo scaffolding. Through my lens, viewers are transported to the heart of Hong Kong, where the beauty lies in the small, often overlooked elements of daily life. The images evoke a sense of nostalgia resonating with anyone who appreciates the essence of this dynamic city.

I am thrilled that I'm now able to share some of this work with the creation of postcards and prints sold through The Lion Rock Press.

Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong

My favourite thing is to head off into parts of Hong Kong where the backstreets can be explored and wandered around! Some of the best trips I've done have been up in the New Territories - just me and my camera roaming about!

Hiking is a big part of what I enjoy in Hong Kong - walking some of the beautiful trails, particularly during covid when that was all we could do, was as amazing way to explore the immense green spaces that the 852 offers up!

I also love trips up to Sai Kung and the local beaches and any day trip to one of the many islands surrounding Hong Kong is always a good one!

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