Meet the talent - Kitty Wong

Meet the talent - Kitty Wong

Kitty Wong's paintings are a love letter to the city combining her two loves, fashion and Hong Kong. She often paints stylish girls against famous Hong Kong landmarks like the Star Ferry and the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.
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We now have a number of talented artists, illustrators and designers whose prints and photography we sell at the Lion Rock Press. It's time to introduce you to some of the people behind the prints! Kitty Wong is is sharing a bit more about herself and the inspiration behind the work she creates.
About you
Hi, I’m Kitty Wong, I’m an artist and illustrator! I was born here in Hong Kong, but grew up in a small town in Canada. I've been back for over a decade.

I was named one of Perspective’s top ’40 Under 40' creative stars. And have been able to create artworks in collaboration with amazing brands such as Kiehl's, Xiaomi, Dior, Tiffany & Co. and Lane Crawford.
Kitty Wong
Your Inspiration
Most of my work is inspired by my childhood in Hong Kong, painting the food I missed from the street foods or the Hong Kong style diners. In the paintings, I love to include a bit of written personal stories inspired by each food item.
Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong
Hiking up to the peak, getting my steps in and catching the view at Lugard Road! That bird's eye panoramic view never gets old!
Kitty Wong

How did you start coming up with the ideas and concepts for your mystery puzzle? Tell us a bit more about this collaboration with Virginia!

Our puzzle actually came out of a difficult time during Covid and I didn't have any projects coming in from my usual corporate clients, Virginia and I met the year before through friends. And we decided to start up something together since we both loved Hong Kong heritage and doing puzzles together! It was a really fun challenge to paint the artwork for the puzzles because we wanted it to be very busy and full of little elements to discover, kind of like Where's Waldo? I tried to include as many Hong Kong landmarks as I could draw, like the Choi Hung estates, fishball skewers, Jardine House and the tram.

In exciting news, our puzzle won the silver award at the Hong Kong Smart Design Award this year!

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