Meet the Author - Pauline Young

Meet the Author - Pauline Young

Where do all the odd socks end up?! Hong Kong raised author Pauline Young has a theory!

As a group of avid readers in the LRP team we are very happy to have recently expanded our book offering online and in the showroom. We knew you would be interested in finding out more about some of the wonderful authors and illustrators who have created the ones we've selected. All books have a Hong Kong theme whether it be written or illustrated by someone who lives here or is about the city, the stories and the history of the place so many of us call home.

Pauline Young Socks Heaven

About You

I was raised in Hong Kong and went to university in America studying English (BA) and Business Administration (MBA).  A communication specialist by profession, I’ve developed a passion for children’s literature ever since I started reading to my 2 sons from infancy every night. In recent years, I have taken on the role of an advocate for early literacy working alongside a nonprofit agency that promotes family literacy. 

Your inspiration

I also wrote a children’s book to address my boys’ frequent queries as to where socks go when they lost them. “Eaten up by the washing machine?” Well, I came up with a theory/story explaining where they all ended up - Socks Heaven - and called the book by that name! 

Socks Heaven was published near end 2003 and start of 2004. Goodness 20 year anniversary coming up!! The book has taken on a life of its own following my personal journey living between Hong Kong and US at different times. In Hong Kong alone I must have read it literally thousands of times at various schools, public libraries, communities centres and sponsoring corporations arranged mainly by the nonprofit and other connections. 

Since end June, 2022, , I’ve taken “Socks Adventure” to worldwide audiences around USA, Cambodia, New Zealand and South Africa, etc., reading the book followed by related arts and crafts activities at different libraries, schools and churches. 

Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong

Back in Hong Kong I love engaging with corporate or community training on topics like “High Impact Communications”, “English Fear Buster” and “Your Storytelling Voice”, etc.  In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, reading children’s books and singing hymns, art songs and opera. 

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