DWD PRINT: Shelf Life
DWD PRINT: Shelf Life
DWD PRINT: Shelf Life


DWD PRINT: Shelf Life

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Frame option:No frame

Shelf Life I 11 x 14"

This artwork playfully reimagines Hong Kong's pantry staples, such as lemon tea, oyster sauce, and cup noodles, as plant pots. By incorporating these everyday items into the world of plants and nature, the artist adds an imaginative twist to our daily experiences. The artwork highlights Hong Kong's culture in a familiar but creative way, showing how art can transform even the most mundane objects into something beautiful.

About the artist:

Nora, the artist behind DWD (Drummer Who Draws), is a Hong Kong-based illustrator known for her imaginative and playful style. Her artwork often features surreal elements, transforming everyday objects or locations into something magical and unexpected. Nora draws inspiration from pop culture, nature, and personal experiences, blending these influences to create engaging and unique artwork. Her vibrant colours, intricate line work, and focus on Hong Kong's urban landscape and culture are distinctive features of her work. Nora’s artwork is characterized by a sense of playfulness and wonder, making her illustrations a joy to behold.


  • Print dimensions: 11" x 14" / 27.94cm x 35.56 cm
  • If FRAMED option chosen dimensions will be 31cm x 42cm
  • 170gsm Semi-Matte rough art paper
  • PROFESSIONAL gallery quality framing (made to order)
  • Wooden frames available in 3 different colour options (Black, White or Natural)
  • Frames are mounted with matt board rounding and frames
  • Framed prints ONLY available for Hong Kong delivery
  • For framed prints please allow 2 weeks for local delivery
  • For prints please allow 1 week for local delivery
  • You're welcome to contact us and confirm production lead time before ordering

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