Family is, without a doubt, LRP’s greatest asset.

Virtually every single greeting card and gift tag is folded and packed by my 87 year old Grandmother in her Mid Levels home. She goes down to Sheung Wan to buy the plastic sleeves that they need to be packed in, and buys the ribbons for the gift tags in a tiny shop in Sham Shui Po. She sits in front of her game shows and folds and packs cards happily for many hours. If there are no cards to fold or pack, she calls and wants to know why? Aren’t they selling? When will they be delivered? It is a running family joke.

My beloved uncle, only a few years older than me, a great friend and ally, is also instrumental in helping with sourcing and production. I lean heavily on him in the busiest times when he generously drives around doing deliveries and helping me set up for the myriad fairs during the Holiday season.

At our busiest times, such as Christmas, the whole family gets involves. Our Sunday lunchtime gatherings turn into mass packing and folding sessions- this business has become one of the great joys in our lives, and a chance for us all to come together to talk and laugh, while doing something to help each other. A lot of my new designs are inspired by these times. Although it looks like a romantic card (and indeed it is mostly sold for that purpose), our chopstick card “I’d be nothing without you” was designed with my Grandmother in mind. She really makes the business run from day to day.

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