Meet the Talent, Sandy, co-founder of Why Not Hong Kong

Meet the Talent, Sandy, co-founder of Why Not Hong Kong

Why Not Hong Kong is a group of illustrators and designers who are creating some very cool designs for anyone who loves Hong Kong!
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We now have a number of talented artists, illustrators and designers whose prints and photography we sell at The Lion Rock Press. It's time to introduce you to some of the people behind the prints! Sandy from Why Not Hong Kong is sharing a bit more about the brand and the inspiration behind the designs they create.

About you 
This is Sandy. The co-founder of Why Not Hong Kong. All of our team members
were born and grew up in HK. We wanted to do somethings about the city, actually for the city, and chose to use the way of illustration as a bridge to connect people from diverse backgrounds through the universal language of art and design. That’s why we applied the city name as the brand name instead of our own names.

One day, maybe we can pass on this brand to the next generation to work on,
since “We may not be the pivot of success” (ok, it’s a bit too early to say it now :p)

Your Inspiration 
In order to spread the magic of Hong Kong culture and heritage to every corner of the globe, we tend to draw things which you always remember even if you have left this place. Somethings we love to do is to integrate HK daily life into the products. “Travel along with Hong Kong” is our slogan. 

We want our postcards to act like a dandelion to spread our concepts around,
with Hong Kong food, landscape, historic building illustrations, and usually a brief introduction of the graphics in bilingual at the back. We are living and growing together with all HK people and those who like HK culture, no matter where they are. We are ordinary, we are the normal ones, and we are connected.

Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong
- Go to the very local cha chaan teng nearby home to have “Spiced Pork Cubes Rice Noodle” (must add the homemade spicy sauce from that cha chaan teng)
+ Ham omelet
+ Iced HK style milk tea - no sugar
-Go to Dai Pai Dong to eat the unhealthy dishes and drink beers with friends
-Take pictures of cats in local pharmacy
-Running along the Shing Mun River

What is your next illustration going to be?
Hong Kong has changed a lot in recent years, but we are still here. The direction of our future illustration will be connecting with people, no matter whether it is Hong Kongers or tourists, around the world.

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