Great Gift Ideas to Take to Friends and Family this Summer!

Great Gift Ideas to Take to Friends and Family this Summer!

Gift ideas for bringing a little piece of Hong Kong (that's not too big, bulky or heavy!) back as presents for people you might be visiting over the summer holidays!
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You are leaving Hong Kong for a few weeks over the summer and are maybe staying with a number of different people over your trip back. Each of them you'd like to thank and would love to be leaving a little piece of Hong Kong with them all! 


First off is an excellent gift for kids but also something so handy to take to keep your own kids entertained on a trip as well!

Family Fun Card Games - choose from Happy Families, Snap or the third set can be played as three games Go Fish/Memory/Old Maid

A classic tea towel - so light and small to pack

A Turkish Towel - brilliant for the beach, a bathroom towel, use as a sarong or even a bed spread! And they can be personalised as well!

A personalised initial mug in the classic blue and white chinoiserie style pattern. A great gift for each member of a family you might be visiting!

Dragon Hanging Decoration - perfect to give to someone you are visiting especially as it is the Year of the Dragon!  

Washable Paper Hong Kong Skyline tote bag - (this one has already been on a tour of Denmark!!) - everyone uses a tote and this one is particularly cool and very eco one!

Star Ferry push-along toyLooking for a gift for a little one? This is a classic!

Foldable shopping bag - this one is a no brainer! So light and packs into a tiny space as it folds away neatly! We all love the colour of it too.  



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