The Etiquette of Lai See Giving

The Etiquette of Lai See Giving

Want to know the etiquette for giving Lai See at CNY? We're here to help!
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The etiquette of lai see giving🧧

 lai see packets

🧧Lai See🧧, the traditional red envelopes exchanged during Lunar New Year, follows a specific set of rules and customs. Understanding the “big to small,” “old to young,” and “senior to junior” principles is crucial in navigating this cherished tradition. LRP has a collection of lovely Lai See red packets perfect for Chinese New Year!

Giving Lai See:

🧧Hierarchy Matters: As the boss or manager, consider gifting lai see to your employees. In residential complexes, extend it to service staff like security guards, cleaners and doormen.

🧧Marital Status Counts: Married couples often give to their single, younger relatives, with each spouse offering a packet. Unmarried individuals typically give one packet per recipient.

🧧 Be Prepared: Keep spare red packets containing $20 in your bag for unexpected occasions, such as tipping service staff or showing appreciation to helpful individuals.

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Amounts and Numbers:

🧧Relationship Proximity: The closeness between giver and receiver determines the amount. Ranging from typically $20 for security guards and in some cases up to $1,000 for close relatives, adjust based on the relationship!

🧧Presentation Matters: Ensure each packet holds a crisp single dollar bill, avoiding coins or wrinkled notes. Avoid odd numbers and increments of four, which is considered unlucky.

🧧Organise: Stay organised by grouping red packets for different recipient categories to avoid accidental mix-ups.

🧧In the end, its the thought that counts. Don't get too wound up in the value and you should feel happy giving them out. It's like spreading joy 😊


🧧Within the Lunar New Year Period: Lai See should be distributed within the 15 days of the Lunar New Year. Begin on the first day and conclude by the Spring Lantern Festival on February 24, 2024.

Kung Hei Fat Choi


🧧”Kung Hei Fat Choy” (恭喜發財): Congratulations and wishing prosperity.

🧧 “Sun Nin Fai Lok” (新年快樂): Happy New Year.

🧧”Sun Tai Geen Hong” (身體健康): Wishing good health.

🧧”Dai Gat Dai Lei” (大吉大利): Wish you good luck.

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🧧Receiving Gracefully: Receive lai see with two hands and express gratitude without opening it in front of the giver, which is considered rude.

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