Ask the Author - Aniela Chaudhuri

Ask the Author - Aniela Chaudhuri

Learn how a love of music, cats and laughter brought this lovely book about for Aniela, a music teacher in Hong Kong for the last 25 years!
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As a group of avid readers in the LRP team we are very happy to have recently expanded our book offering online and in the showroom. We knew you would be interested in finding out more about some of the wonderful authors and illustrators who have created the ones we've selected. All books have a Hong Kong theme whether it be written or illustrated by someone who lives here or is about the city, the stories and the history of the place so many of us call home.

We have created a series of Ask The Author blog posts where we ask the same three questions (with an added bonus one at the end!) to find out more about their connection to the city, what their book is all about, what inspires them and their favourite things to see and do in the 852.

Aniela is the author of one of our latest children's books - the Accidental Orchestra

Aniela Chaudhuri

About you

I’m from Scotland and have been living in Hong Kong for twenty five years. I first visited at Chinese New Year in 1997 and loved the city. I moved here in 1998 and have been teaching the city’s children ever since. I teach violin and music theory, and create games and stories to help people learn more about music. I love to laugh, make others laugh, and I absolutely adore cats! ‘The Accidental Orchestra’ is a laugh out loud tale of friendship, cooperation, and the joy of making music together. It is a story of Ollie and Charlie, two lovely cats who have musical adventures through the ages. When the park’s bandstand is repaired, Ollie can’t contain his excitement and gathers all his friends to put on a concert. Charlie sees how much chaos there is, so she steps in as conductor and accidentally creates the town’s first orchestra!

Your Inspiration 

I have always enjoyed watching the interactions between our cats and my students and musician friends, and seeing (and sometimes hearing!) the cats’ reactions to music. These moments are short stories in themselves. The idea for ‘The Accidental Orchestra’ came about in 2018 when my husband and I were watching our cats and imagining which musical instruments they might play based on their personalities. We were laughing about them being in a band or orchestra and what it would sound like. Five years later, here they all are in the story – Ollie’s group of friends!

Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has such a variety of things to see and do, that it’s truly difficult to choose a favourite. I love being in nature, and one of my favourite places to walk to is Finger Hill on Peng Chau. I enjoy walking through the woods, and although I might moan all the way up the hill, it’s absolutely worth the effort to see the beautiful vista of the islands and the sea.

The accidental orchestra

Where is your favourite place to listen to live music in Hong Kong and why?

Aside from my usual haunts like the Cultural Centre and City Hall, my favourite place to listen to live music was Peel Fresco on Peel Street. It was always full of vibrant and innovative musicians and the atmosphere was super friendly and welcoming. It’s no longer open (like many of the live music venues that had to close during the pandemic), but I’m looking forward to exploring what our amazing city has to offer now!

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