Ask The Author - Jessamy Woolley

Ask The Author - Jessamy Woolley

Jessamy switched from a Corporate Career to one in Health and Fitness and writing Children’s books. Billy the Cavalier and friends: The Peak Adventures is inspired by her love of Hong Kong and her beloved dog.

As a group of avid readers in the LRP team we are very happy to have recently expanded our book offering online and in the showroom. We knew you would be interested in finding out more about some of the wonderful authors and illustrators who have created the ones we've selected. All books have a Hong Kong theme whether it be written or illustrated by someone who lives here or is about the city, the stories and the history of the place so many of us call home. We have created a series of Ask The Author blog posts where we ask the same three questions (with an added bonus one at the end!) to find out more about their connection to the city, what their book is all about, what inspires them and their favourite things to see and do in the 852.

About You and Your Inspiration
I moved to Hong Kong in 2015 and fell in love with hiking, especially up the Peak with my dog Billy which is where the inspiration for my book (Billy the Cavalier and Friends: The Peak Adventure) came from. It was really a passion project which came to life after it was published at the end of 2018. What’s been really enjoyable is that Billy and I have visited many schools across Hong Kong together with the book and met lots of wonderful engaging children. It has resulted in Billy becoming quite famous around Hong Kong! We often get stopped on our walks by fans of Billy’s.
The story entails my dog (Billy) who goes on an adventure up Victoria Peak. Along the way he meets a variety of animals found in Hong Kong but from different countries so Billy learns how to say hello in their language. Having reached the top of the Peak, Billy wonders how he will find his way back home. (Spoiler alert!) Luckily the famous Peak tram helps him get back home before nightfall. 

Favourite thing to do or see in Hong Kong?

My favourite thing to do in Hong Kong aside from hiking, would be to go to Chung Hom Kok beach. It's so secluded and beautiful. 

Favourite creature in Hong Kong?

My favourite Hong Kong animal would be the butterflies. They’re so delicate and colourful. Both my dog and daughter love chasing them!


Ask The Author Jessamy Woolley

You can read more about Jessamy and her book here.

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