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A cautionary tale for entrepreneurs

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with nature. This year I decided to embark on a passion project to try and revive interest in our local biodiversity, and celebrate the incredible breadth of species we have here in Hong Kong – a wildlife-themed board game.

I was in heaven nerding out with fellow nature enthusiast Robert Ferguson (whose marvellous blog Wildcreatures Hong Kong is a daily source of joy – do check it out), and nurturing Tiffany Chin, a talented young local artist who worked on the stunning illustrations for what was soon to become Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo.

No expense was spared in the production. I worked hard to ensure the game would have impeccable eco-credentials, eschewing any plastic despite the significant increase in cost. From the FSC-certified paper it was printed on, to the bespoke cloth game card bags; every element met our exacting green standards.

wildlife bingo sustainable cotton bag

After having a physical sample made up, I was bursting with excitement to get game onto shelves as soon as possible, and quickly proceeded to bulk production. The day they were delivered to my distributor was so exciting –I knew I had an absolutely beautiful product, and I was sure my customers would love it.

 hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift

It was all going so well… until I received a message I was NOT expecting from the distributor:

My heart sank.

All that work and effort to be sustainable, and one small oversight meant that I now had a “faulty” product on my hands that I wouldn’t be able to sell, meaning that the entire stock would have to be thrown away.

Devastated, I considered making new boards and cards so that I could offer to replace the mis-spelled ones. Or offer store credit. Or wait and see if anyone even noticed the typo. But then it occurred to me that this isn’t what The Lion Rock Press stands for, and, even if we’d absorbed the loss into our margins, WE still would have known about the error, even if nobody else did, and that’s what counted.

hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift

Of course, I always want to deliver a perfect product to my customers – especially when they buy via third-party retailers who don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to deal with returns. That said, I want to uphold the values of our business – which begins with honesty – and our commitment to sustainability.

And so I made a decision.

If you’re still reading, THANK YOU, and here’s your reward!

We will be selling the extremely Limited Edition “Springray” (haha!) version of Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo for HK$150 (normal price HK$250). Think of it as a knowing nod to the importance of spell-check, and perhaps offer an extra prize for the first person to spot the typo when playing!

Despite this minor flaw, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve produced and I hope you will enjoy playing Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo, and learning about the spectacular animals we have right here in our city.

hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift

If springrays aren’t your thing and you prefer to hold out for a perfect copy, they will be available through our retailers and online at in October.

Like all entrepreneurs, not everything we do goes to plan. I thought it would be fun to share an example of what happens when you have “a shocker”, and hope you will find it as funny as I’m hoping to find it one day! 😅

In all seriousness, Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo makes an AWESOME gift, and is perfect for playing with mixed ages and abilities (up to 8 people!)… not to mention the brilliant accompanying WILDLIFE GUIDE where you can learn more about each species (thank you Wildcreatures Hong Kong for geeking out with me over these!).

hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift hk themed

For the older kids, there’s an opportunity to play at a higher level with the CHALLENGE FACTS on the back of each wildlife card 🤓.

hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift hk
hong kong wildlife bingo kids gift hk pangolin

Surely you need no more convincing?! Go and buy it!!

Here’s the link: Limited Edition “SPRINGRAY” BINGO!!!!!!

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