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As a family, our expertise in paper dates back more than 100 years. The smell of ink and the sound of the printing press still evoke fond nostalgia for us all- we feel a great bond to the industry.

As a mother of young children, I was looking for a way to continue our distinguished tradition of sourcing high quality, responsibly sourced, paper while having the flexibility to spend time with my little ones.

My mother’s side of the family is Hong Kong Chinese, whilst my father’s side hails from Birmingham, England. I thought it would be fun to creatively explore these two cultures through the medium of printed stationery. Our greeting cards tell our story by fusing the HK-style graphics with very Western humour.

We hope you enjoy what we have loved creating.

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Our Greatest Asset

Family is absolutely the key to our success. My great-grandfather founded our paper business almost 120 years ago, and my 90 year-old grandfather and his brothers still work every day in the office. We are inspired by the lessons they teach us about the value of hard work and discipline.


One of our main goals at The Lion Rock Press is to produce high quality, affordable products. Our long-standing contacts in the paper and printing world allow us to keep our costs low, which we, in turn, pass on to our customers. Together, we have created a collection of products where it is easy and fun to buy original and beautiful items for all occasions without breaking the bank.


Family is essential to keeping our costs down in other ways. Virtually every single greeting card and gift tag is folded and packed by my 90 year-old Grandmother in her Mid-Levels home. She goes down to Sheung Wan to buy the plastic sleeves that they need to be packed in, and buys the ribbons for the gift tags in a tiny shop in Sham Shui Po. She sits in front of her game shows and folds and packs cards happily for many hours. If there are no cards to fold or pack, she calls and wants to know why? Aren’t they selling? When will they be delivered? It is a running family joke. My beloved uncle, only a few years older than me- a great friend and ally- is also instrumental in helping with sourcing and production. I lean heavily on him in the busiest times when he generously drives around doing deliveries and helping me set up for the fairs during the Holiday season.

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